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April 10, 2013

Dressed for Success

The founders of men’s fashion line, OLE MASON JAR, talk luxury apparel with a Southern flair.

Modern gentlemen, meet your new purveyors of style. Bradley Rhyne and Filipe Ho, founders of men’s fashion line, OLE MASON JAR, left their Fortune 500 jobs to make the gentleman’s lifestyle more accessible—and affordable. We caught up with the team to talk luxury apparel with a Southern flair.

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO GO INTO FASHION? We have been very intrigued with fashion for a long time. Shortly after college we wanted to start our own company, but we knew the road to building a brand was not easy. We built a long-term strategy to gain the experience needed to start a company and learn the fundamentals of the fashion world. After five years, we’ve gained the skillset needed to make OLE MASON JAR a staple in the affordable luxury menswear market.

WHAT’S BEHIND THE NAME, OLE MASON JAR? We are both from North Carolina, and we wanted a name that represents our heritage. The Mason jar is an iconic item that brings back memories of a simpler time. It’s simplistic yet symbolic, and it perfectly represents our vision of preserving Southern sophistication.

HOW DO YOU SELECT YOUR FABRICS? Our goal is to get the exact fabrics that we want in order to make the highest quality pieces. We have traveled to Europe and Asia for the fabrics used for our button downs, and we use cotton grown right here in North Carolina for our T-shirts.

WHAT MAKES YOUR CLOTHING STAND OUT? We are more than a clothing company— we are a lifestyle brand that is dedicated to giving back. Ten percent of everything we sell goes back to local and international organizations dedicated to providing relief and helping the underprivileged.

SO WHO WILL BE WEARING OLE MASON JAR? Anyone that inspires to be a modern gentleman—from someone about to embark on their collegiate journey, to the gentleman looking for the perfect shirt for his retirement party.

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