Organize Kid’s Toys By Getting Creative

04/15/2013 1:38 PM

04/15/2013 1:43 PM

When it comes to organizing toys, my biggest suggestion is to display them. Keep them out of the closet and out of a big bin.



Large totes and bins don’t work because kids want to see what they have. They will dig to the bottom of said large bin for that perfect, “right this moment” toy. The disarray will stay on the floor while the playing continues.

Showcase your child’s toys on the wall in the playroom or bedroom.

Get creative with the organizing. Small tables are great for art projects. These can usually be picked up at local thrift stores. Add a coat of paint to match the decor and you have an instant work station!


Use shelves and containers to keep items on display but corralled. Think function then go cute and fancy!


And lastly, ask your children to pare down their toys, especially around their birthday and Christmas. This will help keep the toys to a manageable level.

How do you organize your children’s toys?

Until next time... Jennifer

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