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April 29, 2013

Something Sparkly

Sort & Organize Necklaces, Earrings, & Bracelets

Organize jewelry to find the perfect combination to accent any outfit.

Women tend to have an abundance of several things: shoes, purses, and jewelry. Jewelry is an easy to buy item that makes us all feel great when we buy in the store. Yet when we come home, it is tossed on the hook with every other piece we own thus getting lost in the shuffle.

Find what you need when you need it by displaying your pieces and getting them organized.

Organize rings and stud earrings in drawers. Organize necklaces, bracelets, and earrings on hooks.

I prefer to use drawer organizers made specifically for jewelry. The Stackable Trays from The Container Store are versatile in shapes and sizes to accommodate the majority of your rings and stud earring collection.

When it comes to hanging up jewelry on hooks, think of it as decoration. Move it out of the closet and into the bathroom or on a bedroom wall. Shadow boxes with hinged doors or simple cork board will do the trick. Use push pins or upholstery tacks and remember, only one item per pin. Doubling up puts you back in the same position as before, chaos.

Where To Buy

Stackable Jewelry Trays:
The Container Store
Bed, Bath, & Beyond

Shadow Box with Hinged Door:
Home Goods
TJ Maxx

Decorative Cork Board:
Hobby Lobby
Home Goods
TJ Maxx

Embroidery Tacks:
Hobby Lobby
Joanne’s Fabric

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