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07/15/2013 3:41 PM

07/15/2013 4:54 PM

It is the middle of the summer and you have been tripping over garden supplies and shovels all season long trying to get to the Round-Up and weed eater. If you are tired of stumping your toe, then I have the easiest solution for your garage.

NOTE: Don’t forget about my previous post on how to organize your Long Term Storage.

Wall rack + Hooks for supplies = Happy Homeowner

The easiest way to organize your garage is to get things off the floor and onto the wall. A wall rack and hooks can make light work of this. The investment can range from $50 to $100 depending on brand and how many rack/hook supplies you need. Not to mention, you could have the racks installed and the garden gear organized before lunchtime on a Saturday!

Brands that I recommend are:

1. The Container Store:

2. Home Depot: Rubbermaid Fast Track Garage

3. Lowe’s Home Improvement: Gladiator Wall Solutions Pack

Easy does it! Get that garage organized and save your toes a few bruises.

Until next time... Jennifer

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