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02/19/2014 2:01 PM

02/19/2014 2:08 PM

The request was simple: a white kitchen with concrete countertops. But for interior designer Lindsey Coral Harper, the newly remodeled kitchen in her clients’ circa-1940s home in Myers Park needed a punch of color. “This kitchen is pretty large and there was a lot of white and a bit of gray,” explains Harper. “I found the yellow was a punchy but happy complement. It’s also a very happy color combination.” To offset the bold yellow, Harper introduced a built-in banquette added in lieu of traditional seating to soften the space, swathed in a fun grey, white, and yellow fabric. “In every job I want the project to reflect my client, however, I think it’s hard not to bring my personal style into it,” says Harper. “I love color and I like to layer and to mix and match patterns. There is a lot of color and layers and patterns in this room.”

What inspired the design of the kitchen?
“The client wanted white cabinets and a Carrera tiled backsplash, so the white and gray were the groundwork. I knew she wanted a seating area so that’s where the banquette came in. The rest evolved from there.”

What obstacles did you encounter when designing this kitchen?
“I sort of insisted on painting the floor. It took a few months for the client to come around to it. The original wooden floors were so sad in this otherwise bright room. So I flew down with my one of my best friends, Jay Lohmann—he’s also my decorative painter. He had to put several solid coats on the floor and then he drew the pattern by hand. Then he painted the pattern and then sealed it. It’s a lot of tedious work. Because we were running out of time, the client, Jay, and I were up until the wee hours of the night filling in the paint on the kitchen floor! So we all got a hand in it! [The client] is a trooper and we laughed our tails off painting all night!”

What are some of your favorite design concepts to install in a kitchen space?
“I think the kitchen is often the heart of the home and it’s nice when you have a space to hang out. I prefer to create casual kitchens that you want to spend a lot of time in.”

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