Use those ‘other’ hotel amenities

12/21/2012 11:08 AM

12/21/2012 11:09 AM

Spa services and swimming pools may get more attention, but there are other unsung heroes that make a huge difference for travelers.

Appliances: Depending on how tightly you book your schedule, it can take as little as one flight cancellation to derail your ability to stop off at home and switch clothing for a different climate. In-room washers and dryers top of my short list of favorite travel amenities.

Additionally, espresso machines are showing up in more and more hotel rooms these days as an alternative to basic drip coffee makers, and provide a stronger morning beverage option typically included with the cost of your nightly stay. Moreover, microwaves have the potential to make a huge difference for those whose travel schedule forces them to dine outside of traditional restaurant hours.

Hospitality: Luxury chains aren’t the only ones leveraging perks to lure travelers. Many mid-range hotels offer extra freebies. For example, when my husband and I attended a recent conference, we noticed that not only were stocked fruit bowls available at the lobby desk, they were also available in the venue’s workout room, along with bottled water.

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