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  • Grand Lobby at Great Wolf Lodge
    If you've been thinking about a close to home trip to the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, travel blogger Sara Kendall says this is a great time to make your plans and make a splash. Home to an indoor water park that will leave visitors in awe, during the Halloween season, added fun can be found here with added activities like the Trick-or-Treat Trail and the Monster Bash Dance Party.
  • Time out
    While time-out is a common practice in disciplining young children, Attachment Parenting International offers other options for parents.
  • Kercher
    Blogger Bess Kercher has noticed that 'playing your position' in sports often offers the best hope for success on the field. Can her family team master this concept in the game of life?
  • Books
    Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, by Virginia Lee Burton, may have been published 75 years ago, but it still grabs the attention of young readers today. Blogger Dorothy Price shares her suggestions for introducing this timeless classic to your child.
  • AP Month logo
    This year Attachment Parenting International highlights the theme “Cherishing Parents, Flourishing Children” as they celebrate API Month. All month long, API challenges parents to re-examine their daily activities, routines, beliefs, habits and traditions and learn new ways to engage with their children to grow with each other and remain close while promoting opportunities for healthy exploration, individuation and development.
Am Girl Books
Enter to win 2 great books from the new SouthPark store.

Mom of the Week

Réa Wright of Davidson wears many different hats, but wears each one very well. Her Mood Indigo soap company has helped her fulfill her calling as a helper, and her all-natural soap is full of the passion she has to assist others in living joyful, healthy, vibrant lives.

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