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  • Meg and frank 3
    In the aftermath of her 2-year old son's illness and death, blogger Meg McElwain discusses the grieving process her family is experiencing as they continue their lives without Mitchell. Meg shares his story and continues the fight against childhood cancer in his memory.
  • family
    Separation anxiety is a common issue with babies, and there are many approaches to this tricky parenting situation. Attachment Parenting International encourages moms to consistently respond to children's needs, and offers strategies and encouragement for parents who have their doubts.
  • The Island in Pigeon Forge
    Looking for an action-packed weekend getaway? Blogger Sara Kendall headed to the Great Smoky Mountains to find a spot that includes the beauty of the natural mountain setting with the excitement of attractions and shows. Pigeon Forge is a short 3 1/2 hour drive from Charlotte, and is the perfect fall destination.
  • tightrope
    Last month Coach Mike Duralia shared thoughts a strategies on how to create a sense of balance by 'juggling' things in our lives. Now, he's back with pointers on how to balance life in a frenzied world.
  • Stepparent illustration
    Sodoma Law surveyed more than 100 men and women in our area to uncover the root cause and top concerns when it comes to family separation and divorce. The results show that the well-being of children consistently plays a top role in the decisions and proceedings.
Disney on Ice
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Mom of the Week

Meet Ashely Vincent, mother of 2 and owner of the Davidson Playhouse, a unique spot where local families can connect, socialize, and play in a clean and safe environment.

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