March 4, 2014

Business bookshelf: Reads making the rounds

‘Be the Best at What Matters Most: The Only Strategy You Will Ever Need’ by Joe Calloway.
•  “Get Big Fast and Do More Good” – The founders of Yes To Inc, the company behind the skincare brand Yes to Carrots, write about modern entrepreneurship, brand-building, maintaining a trusting partnership and keeping enough balance to still make it home in time for dinner. They talk about making lots of great decisions and some really, really bad ones.
•  “Setting the Table” – In 1985, Danny Meyer opened New York City’s Union Square Cafe restaurant. More than 20 years later, he’s CEO of a restaurant organization which includes 11 unique dining establishments. How has he done it? He shares the lessons he’s learned while doing the business he calls enlightened hospitality.
•  “Be the Best at What Matters Most” – The author writes about essential strategies for business leaders, entrepreneurs, owners, managers and those who want to be one: Simplify, focus and win by outperforming all your competition. Winners in business aren’t the ones who do the most things; the winners are the ones who do the most important things.

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