August 15, 2014

UNC Charlotte move-in gets off to smooth start

The first day of UNC Charlotte’s move-in window went smoothly, though with its fair share of tearful parents and precariously full vehicles.

The first day for UNC Charlotte students to move in went smoothly Friday, though with its fair share of tearful parents and precariously full vehicles.

Students will continue to move in throughout the weekend. Efforts were made to streamline the process this year, including assigning specific times for each residence hall and expanding the Move In Crew program. As parents pulled up to dorms, students from the crew helped them unpack their cars and carry belongings up to dorm rooms.

“Right away, everyone was coming up and saying, ‘Can we help?’ ” said Kim Tate, whose son is an incoming freshman. “I was overwhelmed by how nice and kind it all was.”

Approximately 5,500 of the school’s 21,000 undergraduates live on campus, according to UNCC’s website. Students came hauling the usual assortment of clothes, school supplies, mementos from home and larger items such as refrigerators and microwaves. For some, overpacking appeared to have been a bit of an issue.

“They want to bring the entire household,” said Viviana Paredes, whose daughter, Ana Salas, is a freshman and her second child in college. “I kept saying, ‘I don’t think that’s going to work.’ ”

Many families took advantage of pickup trucks or SUVs, with some taking two cars to fit everything. Others worked to pack everything into a smaller space – including freshman Brittney Beaulieu and her mother, Tina, who skillfully fit everything into their convertible.

“We just moved it around and finagled it, and it worked,” said Tina Bealieu, noting that they packed the car the night before to avoid last-minute stress.

For most families, the morning was consumed with unpacking, organizing the dorm room and meeting the roommate. But the more difficult part came later in the day – when the parents drove away.

“They don’t really get nervous with the moving in,” said junior Meagan Dugan, who was assisting as part of the Move In Crew. “It’s saying goodbye when it starts to hit them.”

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