Lake Norman & Mooresville

August 30, 2009

Gear for girls aims to catch future anglers who like pink

While wandering through a local store recently, I was amazed at how many traditional outdoor items are now available in pink:

While wandering through a local store recently, I was amazed at how many traditional outdoor items are now available in pink:

Pink fishing rods, pink guns, pink pepper spray, pink tackle boxes, pink camouflage clothing, pink T-shirts, pink polos, pink hats and pink caps.

The cutest things about the shirts and hats are the slogans printed on them. One T-shirt in a little girl's size had an image of a fish on the front, with the words “I Am A Keeper!”

Another read, “As A Matter Of Fact, I Do Fish Like A Girl.”

A pretty knit shirt with sequins around the collar showed a little girl wearing a gown and a crown. The message said, “Future Fishing Princess.”

The longer I looked, the more I saw. There were stacks of shirts with messages relating to hunting and fishing. Another cute one showed a boy and girl holding rifles in a deer blind. The caption read, “First Blind Date.”

The next one had a couple of versions: “Do You Wish Your Girlfriend Could Fish Like Me?” and “Do You Wish Your Girlfriend Could Hunt Like Me?”

Printed on a shirt displayed on a mannequin were the words “Even Though Worms Are Squishy, I'm Gonna Catch The Largest Fishy.” Other shirts with similar themes were piled on a table. One said, “Girls Can't Catch, What?” Another said, “Caution, Girl Fishing,”, and a third one, “Some Girls Play With Dolls – Reel Girls Fish.”

In the ladies' section, a T-shirt said, “ I'd Rather Be Hookin' Than Cookin'!”

I saw two preschoolers walking through the store. The little girl's shirt read, “I Fish Big.” The boy's shirt read, “Will Trade Little Sister For Tackle Box.”

Coming events

Lighthouse Marine Services will offer a two-hour class, “How to Safely Navigate Lake Norman,” at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at Gander Mountain, at Interstate 77, Exit 36. Fishing guide Scott Spivey and I will discuss how to safely navigate Lake Norman's main channel, creek arms, danger spots and back coves during daylight and at night. Other topics will include understanding navigation and shoal markers, boat ramps, marinas, restaurants and points of interest on the lake. The registration fee is $25. To register, call 704-587-0325 or e-mail


You can determine the age of a fish by counting the rings on its ear bone (otolith). Like the rings in a tree trunk, each ring represents one year.

Hot spots

Summer fishing for catfish, perch and stripers continues to be very good. As in past weeks, the best fishing is early and late, at the lower end of Lake Norman.

Stripers are being caught on lures pulled to depths of 60 feet. Live bait and jigging spoons are also effective on stripers in schools.

Lots of perch caught on Sabiki rigs are in water 20 to 40 feet deep, and catfish are biting both cut and prepared baits.

Lake Norman's water temperature is in the high 80s and low 90s. The water level is about 3.3 feet below full pond.

This week's fishing forecast: Partly cloudy with a boatload of fish!

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