South Charlotte

May 31, 2009

Spring sports might be victim of budget

The tough economy may hit local kids where they live – on the ball field.

The tough economy may hit local kids where they live – on the ball field.

Pressed to shrink the bottom line, Fort Mill middle school principals and the school board plan to cut middle school spring sports from next year's budget. Fall and winter sports wouldn't be cut.

The proposed budget would eliminate middle school girls' and boys' soccer, softball and baseball. This is tough news for parents and kids.

“We do not think that there was enough effort to come to a viable solution to this problem, given the resources available in the community,” said Matt Parker, whose daughters participate in both middle school and high school sports. “There is the will and there is a way – if the players and parents are allowed to participate.”

Parents say they'll speak at a June 15 public hearing on the proposed school budget, which is scheduled to be passed by the end of the month.

More comments:

“This is just inequitable,” said Therese MacPhee, mother of Andrew MacPhee, co-captain of the Gold Hill Middle School soccer team.

“You can't give a certain group of people the ability to play sports and then take it away from others,” said Andrew.

“I don't think it is fair, and my kids play winter and fall sports,” said Amy Katz.

“They just don't know how important these sports are to the kids or they wouldn't be doing this,” said Cassidy Parker, Gold Hill soccer and basketball player.

To voice your opinion, contact middle school principals and Fort Mill school board members at

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