April 5, 2013

Teen critic Silver on North Gaston’s ‘Footloose’: Student grow through production

Blumey teen critic candidate Silver reviews ‘Footloose’ at North Gaston.

Eleven Charlotte-area high school students are competing in the new theater criticism category of the Blumey Awards, the Blumenthal Performing Arts’ annual musical theater awards program (read more about that here.) Each student writes three reviews; the following is one entry:

By Hannah Silver

The purpose of high school theater is for the students participating to learn, grow and have fun. The students involved in North Gaston High School’s March 9 production of Footloose certainly achieved these goals.

While it was evident all of the actors and actresses enjoyed their time in the spotlight, a few individuals drew the eye of the audience. Hannah Walters, who played the role of Rusty, grasped the audience with her natural ability to control the stage. Jonah High, who portrayed Ren McCormick, was superior in his facial expressions and Sarah Hanna, who played opposite him as Ariel Moore, surprised the audience with the power behind her voice. Andrew Foor, Jr., who played the role of Rev. Shaw Moore, was full of charm and the reverend’s wife, played by Leah Willis, captivated the audience with her rich interpretation of “Can You Find it in your Heart?”

Malcolm Dorsey also stood out in the show. Although he did not have a leading role, he performed his part with energy and a brilliant smile.

While there was plenty of room for improvement in the choreography and vocals, the overall show was a great opportunity for the students involved. It was obvious the students who participated in North Gaston High School’s production of Footloose, learned more about themselves, grew in their theater appreciation and enjoyed putting on this production.

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