Out of the mist comes Trump

Rudy Giuliani nailed the key to the election, saying Obama’s inability to speak two words – Islamic Extremists – has consequences; that it already had consequences in San Bernadino and at Fort Hood with Major Nidal.


Donald Trump, Rose Hamid and how to keep America safe

On a day when Republican National Convention speakers focused on “Making America Safe Again,” a Charlotte woman – and the reaction to her – illustrated the choice the country faces in working through violent and unsettling times: We can uphold our values or we can betray them.


The reason Clinton raised Kaine

Hillary Clinton’s choice of Tim Kaine is about more than winning the battleground state (excuse me, Commonwealth) of Virginia. It’s about a seismic shift in the presidential chessboard this year – and for years to come.

You Write the Caption

Your new caption challenge: July 25, 2016

Welcome to You Write the Caption, the Charlotte Observer cartoon caption contest, an opportunity to test your wit and win a prize. Each Monday, Observer editorial cartoonist Kevin Siers will post a political cartoon that needs a caption and invite readers to write one. Winner will receive a print of the cartoon with the caption on it. To learn more about our contest and see our caption writing guidelines, please click here.


Hillary’s no poet either

It was a rough week. But it’s over. No more opening the morning newspapers to read stories about plagiarism. Or about booing Ted. Or about hour-long political speeches in prime time by Donald Trump.


Expansion of school choice program will help poor students

For North Carolina families, educational choice is here to stay. A transformational budget, just signed by Governor McCrory, funds a historic expansion of our state’s Opportunity Scholarship Program. This program, which provides scholarships for low-income students to attend private schools, empowers parents to select the school that best meets their children’s needs.


5 steps Hillary Clinton can take to garner Republican support

With the official nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican Party’s presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton has the opponent of her dreams – someone whose character, preparation and views are so defective as to make the roll call a devastating moment for many Republicans. The GOP has had magnificent nominees (Abraham Lincoln) and likable nominees (Ronald Reagan). It’s had admirable nominees who lost (Mitt Romney) and flawed nominees who won (Richard Nixon). It has never – including Barry Goldwater – had a nominee who embarrasses and disgusts a significant number of people in his own party. How does Clinton, without endangering Democratic support, reach out to Republicans to secure her win? Here are five steps:


Limo Protest Video

N.C. Progress uses a limo to object to what it calls the "Millionaire Protection Act"
Limo Protest Video 3:25

Limo Protest Video

Gergen urges Elon grads to 'take North Carolina back' 1:42

Gergen urges Elon grads to 'take North Carolina back'

Uncle Sam at the Square 2:27

Uncle Sam at the Square

Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly's feud 2:42

Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly's feud