A football loss worse than the Super Bowl

Given the Panthers’ performance, Super Bowl 50 was hard to watch for a lot of us. It was even harder for those few viewers who allowed themselves to focus on the increasingly obvious fact that the sport is killing its players.


A draft including women? It’s a good idea

Women will most likely be conscripted if the draft is ever reinstated – and that’s actually a good thing

With the lives of both women and men at risk, we will be much more likely to avoid wars

A re-activated draft will also fix several societal issues

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Solid advice, clumsy delivery from the CDC

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned women this week about the dangers of alcohol consumption during pregnancy

The message: Don’t drink unless you’re on birth control, because you might do damage to a baby you don’t know you have

Another message, about unintended consequences of drinking, needed some more thought

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