North Carolina receives failing grade in education

The Network for Public Education released last week a report card grading states on their commitment to public education

The report used 29 measurable factors to create six criteria

When the criteria were averaged, North Carolina received an overall F and South Carolina a D


Why Warren won’t back Hillary Clinton

In 2013, Warren signed a letter with the other Democratic women in the Senate encouraging Hillary Clinton to run for president.

But Warren has stayed mum throughout this race, endorsing neither Clinton nor her rival Sen. Bernie Sanders

With Clinton’s ties to Wall Street, it’s easy to see why Warren hasn’t supported her


A bipartisan revolt against the status quo

Both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump rail against the current state of things in America

They both also think Obama’s America is a wreck, although Donald Trump blames Obama overtly and Sanders just hints at it

One more commonality? Their solutions both ignore history and basic logic

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