Finding the real stars

09/03/2012 8:46 PM

09/03/2012 9:08 PM

Pre-convention, Mayor Anthony Foxx noted that 80 percent of the scene you can plan for, 20 percent you just have to roll with.

Who knew the rolling could be so great?

Monday I heard that Jon Stewart was at a gathering to draw awareness to Wounded Warriors. It was at a neighbor’s house, so I went.

That’s where I met stars: They are veterans and heroes. They have served an America filled with citizens who don’t recognize or support their sacrifice near enough.

Some have lost limbs; some have lost friends. All need our support as they work to rebuild their lives here at home.

Jon Stewart was there, too. He stood off to the side, listening intently to the speakers.

I was reminded of the realities of war and the human cost. Then, I was ashamed that I have to be reminded.

Before I leave, Rick Cantwell of the Military Family LifeStyle Charitable Foundation points out the Honor1 reminder coin. It’s made by disabled veterans in Shelby and helps hospitalized veterans via a donation. I vow to sign up to support the program.

I will not think about our military involvement the same way ever again.

Mayor Foxx speaks often of the legacies of the convention. I realize that maybe 80 percent of the legacies can be planned. A magical 20 percent just roll your way.

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