Awaiting Obama’s answer

09/03/2012 8:46 PM

09/03/2012 9:28 PM

The political circus officially arrived this weekend. The pre-convention festivities included Sunday’s protest march, where, not unlike the Beach Boys song about two girls for every guy, there appeared to be two police officers for every protester.

The convention starts in earnest today, and the messaging from the various keynoters will set the tone for the rest of the election season.

So far, the Obama campaign has spent a lot of time and money running down the Romney/Ryan ticket, with various off-base arguments attacking their qualifications. But administration surrogates have struggled to answer this basic question: Is the country better off now than four years ago?

Most of the economic data is in fact worse – unemployment, average wages, the deficit, the debt, even gas prices.

Like any incumbent, President Obama must run on his record, and not simply attempt to disqualify the other side. How the Obamas and the army of administration surrogates prowling the Queen City pivot towards that task this week should be of great interest to voters of every stripe.

Meanwhile, there is some great entertainment lined up this week – the Foo Fighters, John Legend and N.C. homeboy James Taylor. We Republicans cannot compete in this area, it must be said.

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