Amazing spectacle, Charlotte

09/06/2012 4:47 PM

09/07/2012 8:12 AM

As the old Willie Nelson song goes, turn off the lights, the party’s over. Barricades are coming down and the city is returning to business as usual.

I hate that those Clayton County, Ga., deputies will be taking their traffic directing show back home.

Buried beneath the confetti of rhetoric and exaggerations this week, Obama/Biden has in fact presented an alternative vision to Romney/Ryan. You know where I come down, but we received some clarity about the president’s plan if he is re-elected.

It’s worth remembering that neither side’s caricature of the other entirely maps reality. Romney/Ryan’s economic plan is in my view the more realistic and responsible choice. But it is also far more nuanced and humane than the DNC would lead you to believe.

I’ll miss the buzz and Charlotte’s political relevance this week. I’ll miss the protesters and garishly dressed delegates, two groups bound as they are by a common lack of self-awareness. I’ll even miss the administration’s surrogates, though they clung like grim death itself to talking points and staying on message.

Charlotte’s DNC host committee, volunteers, CMPD and fire department have done us proud. Thank you to committee chair Dan Murrey and the thousands in our community who made this whole spectacle go off so smoothly.

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