February 15, 2014

The Buzz

Plastic grocery bags. Eastern tumbleweeds.

Plastic grocery bags. Eastern tumbleweeds.

So much snow and ice they had to call off the state.

More bank layoffs. Must be bonus restructuring time again for the CEOs.

If senior teachers promise to campaign for McCrory can they get a raise too?

Teachers don’t have two months vacation. They have two months unemployment.

Don’t let ignorance become an N.C. core value.

Why not let the airport commission be the coal ash panel? They have nothing to do.

And the reason we weren’t checking charter school applicants criminal records was?

You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to know surgical instruments need proper sterilization.

What’s next? A pulpit in the mayor’s office?

If you read only the Observer, of course you’d see McCrory as a one-termer.

Which is worse, Pat McCrory or Nikki Haley? Too close to call.

I’m guessing that now you do care how we do it up North.

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