July 6, 2014

The Buzz

Wish someone had told Pat not to put on his “stupid hat.”

Wish someone had told Pat not to put on his “stupid hat.”

If Tillis is elected he’ll be a yes man for “Senator No.”

Trust me, Pat McCrory will eventually have his Eric Cantor moment.

Let’s bury that airport bill with the coal ash.

I will not become a target at Target. I’ll shop elsewhere.

Thanks Target!

Wasn’t really all that noble of IKEA to raise wages. We put their furniture together.

Want to stop the influx of immigrants? Put that USA goalie on the border.

Don’t like Facebook manipulation? Get off Facebook!

I-77 toll lanes are the worst idea I’ve heard since that bus lane on Independence Boulevard.

A $21 highway tax...I mean toll...on I-77 from a legislature adverse to tax increases?

Don’t like the traffic on I-77? Then move out of the sticks!

If Boehner can sue Obama for not doing his job, can we sue Boehner for not doing his?

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