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My 6-year-old boy, Bailey, happens to be a dog, and the fact that I call him my baby apparently irritates some people.

The animal control division of the Gaston County Police Department converted to methods of euthanasia through an IV rather than the use of a gas chamber.

Sheba’s Doggy Day Camp of York has a new bus to pick up campers.

A new method of neutering dogs without surgery is gaining popularity nationwide, but some local veterinarians have concerns about its effectiveness.

She suffered years of neglect before a rescue group took charge of her and created her bucket list. She became a focus for responsible care advocates and spent her last days playing, enjoying treats and teaching responsible pet care.

Humane Society of Charlotte workers are cleaning and providing medical treatment to 56 puppy mill dogs found by Rutherford County authorities Thursday. The dogs will eventually be available for adoption.

My poodle mix has yellow discharge from her eyes. What's causing it?

Thousands of dollars of damage later, you still don't want to declaw your cat. What to do instead.

A kitty condo with moulding that matches your home's finishing details is just one way to go pet chic.

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