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South Mecklenburg and Ardrey Kell high schools do like to play baseball. But some games are tough, like this INSANE Phuzzle. Can you slide into home with a Phuzzle that is this difficult? PHOCUS LEVEL: INSANE

Colorful powder marks these two during the Holi celebration at Andrew Jackson State Park in Lancaster County, S.C. This colorful celebration makes for a colorful Phuzzle. PHOCUS LEVEL: EASY

Children from First Ward Child Development Center jump when prompted as ImaginOn storyteller Rene Kimray reads to them during story time. You can jump too when you solve this visual puzzler. PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE

Charlotte Bobcats mascot Rufus leads the applause as volunteers reveal the amount raised for charity – and also for you if you find all the differences in this week’s Phuzzle. PHOCUS LEVEL: EASY

Does this picture get you in touch with a little road rage? It’s OK, let it all out while you trying to find the INSANE changes in these pictures. Get mad, it will help! PHOCUS LEVEL: INSANE

Sledding down a hill at Cathedral of Saint Patrick in Charlotte is a great way to enjoy the winter. Another way is to catch all the differences in this Intense and chilly Phuzzle. PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE

A Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities deicing truck spreads salt over an icy spot along Cedar Street in Charlotte in January. I’m pretty sure you won’t need any governmental help to tackle this icy Phuzzle! PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE.

Climbing on Crowders Mountain State Park in January must have been a challenge. This Phuzzle should be tough but not as difficult, just take it one change at a time. PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE.

Seems like there is nothing but snow uptown lately, but this is a night scene from the Queen City before the snow and ice were everywhere. Enjoy. PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE

Queen Charlotte saw her shadow on Groundhog Day, predicting six more weeks of winter. I predict at least a few minutes of intense looking as you try to find the changes in this fun and furry festival picture. PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE

The snow fell and Charlotte and the region struggled through what Mother Nature dished out. This Phuzzle will keep you occupied while you wait for the warmup. PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE.

West Charlotte's Isiah Blackmon scores a basket during a West Charlotte High School game. This is going to be an easy one. Slam-dunk this EASY Phuzzle. PHOCUS LEVEL: EASY

Our cold snap in early January dropped temps into the single digits and made getting around in the bitter cold miserable. Fear not, this Phuzzle is not miserable, but challenging, INSANELY so! PHOCUS LEVEL: INSANE

Carolina Panthers fans shout after answering a trivia question correctly during The Charlotte Observer tailgate party. Continue their winning ways and tackle this sporty and intense Phuzzle. PHOCUS LEVEL: INSANE

Despite not having tickets to the Panthers’ first playoff game this season, Rolando Flores and Brenda Martinez were excited to take pictures in front of Bank of America Stadium. Hard not to jump on the bandwagon! Go, Panthers! PHOCUS LEVEL: EASY

This uptown park at the corner of Trade and Tryon always has such great holiday decorations. Tackle this one last bit of holiday wattage as we get ready for New Year’s. FOCUS LEVEL: EASY

Santa follows his elves, Rudolph and a walking Christmas tree down a misty South Tryon Street. After a evening of putting smiles (and some tears) on the faces of children, these holiday workers are calling it a day. PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE

In downtown McAdenville the big switch is pulled to start another Christmas Town USA season. The lights glow nightly through Dec. 26. Get your Christmas cheer with this McAdenville Phuzzle. PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE

Be your own Subway Artist and join Bobcats Kemba Walker and Gerald Henderson in this tasty Phuzzle piled high with all the photo goodness you expect. PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE.

The Cheval neighborhood is nestled in the small town of Mint Hill. The neighborhood offers an equestrian center. You might have to get your brain up to a full gallop to solve this INSANE Phuzzle. PHOCUS LEVEL: INSANE

It’s that time of year! Rake and rake and still there seems to be more. It’s much more fun to find the differences in this Phuzzle than rake those leaves, so get cracking. PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE

Charlotte Bobcats' Michael Kidd-Gilchrist drives the ball to the basket. Can you drive your eyeballs without making them spastic? This is Phuzzle after all, give it a shot! PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE

This is the life! Jim Cusato of Huntersville, left, and Audrey McFarland of Charlotte sail their Sunfish sailboats on Lake Norman in October. This is an easy one, so just relax and let it Phuzzle all your cares away. PHOCUS LEVEL: EASY

Cardiofunk instructor Lem Houston (left) leads a class of cardiofunk aerobic exercise at the Elon Recreation Center. You are going to have work up a sweat to get this Phuzzle done. PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE

Participants take part in the “Electric Tomato Festival” held last month at the Chop Shop in NoDa. About 4,000 pounds of tomatoes were hurled about in this event. Can you get in on the fun and solve this squishy Phuzzle? PHOCUS LEVEL: INSANE

The Shoppes at University Place border a lake dotted with waterfowl and turtles. It makes a nice backdrop for a stroll or for an easy Phuzzle. Feed the ducks while you tackle this watery Phuzzle. PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE

The “American Idol” concert tour brought contestants and the winner to Time Warner Cable Arena. Sing your heart out while your tackle this Phuzzle, but it shouldn’t take too long, so make it a quick tune. PHOCUS LEVEL: EASY

Preseason is over and this INSANELY difficult Phuzzle is in honor of the Panthers’ first regular-season game. It’s going to be tough, but see if you can find the six differences. PHOCUS LEVEL: INSANE

Fans cheer for the Charlotte 49ers at the Spring Game scrimmage at Charlotte in April. In honor of Charlotte’s first game, we got all 49er focused. Score a touchdown by tackling this Intense 49er Phuzzle! PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE

Charlotte Mecklenburg Storm Water Services place a floating wetland into the Hidden Valley Ecological Garden, which is the headwaters of Little Sugar Creek. It won’t be easy to finish this Insane Phuzzle, but at least you’ll stay high and dry while you do it. PHOCUS LEVEL: INSANE

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