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Do some stretches and grab yourself a pint and tackle this easy Phuzzle. Of course some of these are a little tough, but you do need to stretch your Phuzzling skills. PHOCUS LEVEL: EASY

Palisade Park 5th-grade students perform the song “Happy” at Tuesday’s event as CMS dedicated a new elementary school, Palisades Park. Get this one and you’ll be singing your own “happy” song. PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE

These bright blooming wonders were found on U.S. 321 in Lincoln County. I hope you don’t mind staring into these little “suns” so you can find all the differences. It’s tough work, but someone has to do it. PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE

If you float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, this Phuzzle should be as easy as a late summer walk in the garden. PHOCUS LEVEL: INSANE

It’s back to school and back to stores to shoe up the little ones. Finding the changes among these pictures might be tougher than the right pair of shoes, so give yourself some time. PHOCUS LEVEL: INSANE

This is a National Night Out event that brings together neighborhoods and police. I don’t think you’ll need any official help to crack this noncriminal Phuzzle. PHOCUS LEVEL: INSANE

Cam Newton made a surprise visit at Revolution Park football field in June. Solving this Phuzzle should be no surprise. There are a few tricky changes, but you got this! PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE.

Birdsong Brewery taproom is a great place to sit a spell and have a brew. I would wait until after you solve the Phuzzle to have a victory drink, however, or it’s going to be a lot harder. PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE

Jason Snider of Charlotte is working the King of Pops on East Boulevard. Eating natural organic ice pops is one way to beat the heat. Another way is taking your time solving this Phuzzle. PHOCUS LEVEL: EASY

If you like your “Chicken Fried,” it might help you to get the Phuzzle done. Zac Brown band member John Driskell Hopkins performs at PNC Music Pavilion in June. PHOCUS LEVEL: EASY

Check out the curious pygmy goats at Chris Pinard’s York County lavender farm. I think these cute goats are hiding some tricky changes in these pictures. PHOCUS LEVEL: EASY

Audience members enjoy the cool air before the start of the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra Summer Pops concert. You might want to go someplace cool to solve this INSANE Phuzzle, or you could get a sunburn before you finish. PHOCUS LEVEL: INSANE

Hough’s girls soccer team, which won the N.C. 4A championship, finished No. 1 in the National Soccer Coaches Association poll. As the World Cup rolls on, here’s a kicking Phuzzle for those who want to risk a yellow card. PHOCUS LEVEL: EASY

This might be a good Phuzzle for waiting in line at the airport. It might take more than a little idle reflection to catch all these INTENSE changes. PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE.

Running these diamonds is for adults and kids. These high schoolers are giving it their all, but it shouldn’t take as much effort to tackle this easy Phuzzle. PHOCUS LEVEL: EASY

These Boys of Summer, Knights shortstop Carlos Sanchez and Norfolk’s Steve Lombardozzi, are playing to win. To beat today’s Phuzzle, you shouldn’t need a cleanup hitter, just a set of good eyes! PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE.

This Phuzzle features the beautiful artwork of Rebecca Bush of Wilmington. The rich jewel colors might blind you to the differences in these images, if you’re not careful. PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE.

Doug Fogartie helps to herd 20,000 ducks for a fundraiser. That’s a lot of ducks, and I’m pretty sure there are a few changes floating among those fowl. But don’t throw this INSANE rubber duckie Phuzzle out with the bath water! PHOCUS LEVEL: INSANE

This is one of Rex Cole’s favorite springtime activities. I hope solving Phuzzle is one of your favorite thing to do all year around. So just put your two eyes together and find the six differences between the photos. PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE

The Dances of India troupe shows all the right moves during a rehearsal. Take a twirl, pirouette and then dance a jig before you tackle this EASY Phuzzle. PHOCUS LEVEL: EASY

Cyclists race their bikes uphill along Main Street in downtown Belmont. Get ready, set, GO! Race to the finish in this Phuzzle that won’t stop rolling along. PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE.

The North Carolina Dance Theatre is one of the premier arts groups in Charlotte. You might have do some pretty fancy dancing to get this Phuzzle into your puzzle repertoire. PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE

South Mecklenburg and Ardrey Kell high schools do like to play baseball. But some games are tough, like this INSANE Phuzzle. Can you slide into home with a Phuzzle that is this difficult? PHOCUS LEVEL: INSANE

Colorful powder marks these two during the Holi celebration at Andrew Jackson State Park in Lancaster County, S.C. This colorful celebration makes for a colorful Phuzzle. PHOCUS LEVEL: EASY

Children from First Ward Child Development Center jump when prompted as ImaginOn storyteller Rene Kimray reads to them during story time. You can jump too when you solve this visual puzzler. PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE

Charlotte Bobcats mascot Rufus leads the applause as volunteers reveal the amount raised for charity – and also for you if you find all the differences in this week’s Phuzzle. PHOCUS LEVEL: EASY

Does this picture get you in touch with a little road rage? It’s OK, let it all out while you trying to find the INSANE changes in these pictures. Get mad, it will help! PHOCUS LEVEL: INSANE

Sledding down a hill at Cathedral of Saint Patrick in Charlotte is a great way to enjoy the winter. Another way is to catch all the differences in this Intense and chilly Phuzzle. PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE

A Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities deicing truck spreads salt over an icy spot along Cedar Street in Charlotte in January. I’m pretty sure you won’t need any governmental help to tackle this icy Phuzzle! PHOCUS LEVEL: INTENSE.

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