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Observer Editor Rick Thames: If you ever wished you could tell us what you know about topics in The Charlotte Observer, I have good news.

You can help the Observer create a stronger news report by sharing your expertise and knowledge of newsworthy topics. It just takes a few moments for you to join our growing network of citizens.

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Carolinas Public Insight Network

The Carolinas Public Insight Network draws upon your experiences to help shape our news coverage. Here's how it works: after you register with us, we will periodically send you emails asking for your input on stories we are working on or looking for ideas for stories from you.

So, if you happen to be an expert on gardening, we'll usually tailor our questions to ask about things relevant to gardening. Sometimes, on big stories, say the economy, we'll email everybody looking for their input.

Your answers will help us shape our stories and make sure we are representing all points of view on a given situation. You will receive no advertising or spam, and may unsubscribe easily at any time.

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