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Children can lose skin pigment after they get a rash or suffer from eczema.

High-risk people should be on alert if they develop flu symptoms despite having gotten the vaccine.

Flu season is just beginning, and those at high risk should take note.

What can parents do to improve the energy level of a 15-year-old?

Potty-trained children who start having accidents during the day should be taken to the doctor.

When a child has trouble falling asleep, behavioral changes and establishing healthy routines usually manage the problem.

If your children have food allergies, stay close to them and monitor their candy haul on Halloween.

Over-the-counter meds are not safe for babies, but there are ways to treat cold symptoms.

It’s hard not to get alarmed with every sniffle, but these guidelines will help parents gauge when a cough or sniffle might mean something more alarming

Infection can easily occur if sterile procedures aren’t followed.

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Dr. Rhonda Patt
Dr. Rhonda Patt is a pediatrician with Charlotte Pediatric Clinic and past president of the Charlotte Pediatric Society.