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Although switching between ibuprofen and acetaminophen is often advised by doctors, it’s easy for parents to get confused on dosing.

The topic of flu treatment is a hot one – particularly when health care professionals may differ in how liberally they prescribe antiviral medications.

A doctor can remove excess earwax. Don’t try to remove it with cotton swabs; that could make matters worse.

The two are often confused, but you can have celiac disease and have to avoid wheat and other gluten-containing grains – but not be allergic to wheat.

Recently reported cases may concern parents, but vaccine protects most children

Children can lose skin pigment after they get a rash or suffer from eczema.

High-risk people should be on alert if they develop flu symptoms despite having gotten the vaccine.

Flu season is just beginning, and those at high risk should take note.

What can parents do to improve the energy level of a 15-year-old?

Potty-trained children who start having accidents during the day should be taken to the doctor.

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Dr. Rhonda Patt
Dr. Rhonda Patt is a pediatrician with Charlotte Pediatric Clinic and past president of the Charlotte Pediatric Society.