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Charlotte native Reid Harris will help battle a scourge wiping out frog species.

Say the name Emma Gupton to me and I see a red-headed nurse striding toward me, arms outstretched, a smile swaddling me in comfort. We couldn't have survived without her.

Let's turn the tables.

Let's turn the tables. Let's say that one of Barack and Michelle Obama's girls is now magically a 17-year-old. Unmarried and five months pregnant.

Silence is a thief.

Phifer Avenue, once the center of an elaborate 4,000-acre estate, went the last 100 or so years barely making a peep.

A hospital smell is a serious smell. It conjures anesthesia, needles, scalpels. Not a place you'd volunteer to lie down in, even for a day.

I woke this morning with a revelation in neon: I lack the turn of mind to do what Bob Teixeira has done – convert a 1981 diesel Mercedes to run on vegetable oil.

I'm not going to spell out the “V” word in case, like me, it makes you feel as if you're trapped in an elevator with an army of fire ants.

Dannye Romine Powell
Dannye Romine Powell writes on life in Charlotte and the Carolinas for the Local section of The Charlotte Observer.