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Here’s what scientists know about gratitude – and how and why people can foster the emotion in themselves and their young.

Intense farming practices of the “Green Revolution” are powerful enough to alter Earth’s atmosphere at an ever-increasing rate, boosting the seasonal amplitude in atmospheric carbon dioxide to about 15 percent during the last five decades.

You are subject to all sorts of binding online terms of service agreements as you click your way around the Web. Chances are you never read these agreements. Should you?

When “A Charlie Brown Christmas” airs next month on television for its 50th year, Pigpen will repeat his musings about the dirt he carries being from some ancient civilization.

Anthony Maltese is curator at the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center in Woodland Park, Colo., and author of the RMDRC Paleo Lab blog, where he writes about excavating, molding, casting and mounting fossilized dinosaur skeletons.

Astronomy’s much more fun when you’re not an astronomer.

Thursday morning, while the Capitol Hill spotlight was pointed elsewhere, three Northern California congressmen paid a quiet call on the state’s junior Democratic senator, Barbara Boxer. They wanted to talk water.

This year is on track to be the warmest year on record for California - and the entire planet - according to a new report. And in California, recent rainstorms didn't make a dent in the drought.

Following up on last week's U.S.-China climate change agreement, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Friday he would invite leaders of Chinese and American cities to a summit in Los Angeles next year to kick-start efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions in both countries.

Seventeen California cities and counties urged Congress on Tuesday to complete drought legislation that’s currently hung up in closed-door negotiations.

Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California on Thursday pulled the plug on secret, high-stakes negotiations over a water bill for her drought-plagued state, saying she and fellow lawmakers will try again next year.

The BMW i3, a plug-in hybrid made of carbon fiber, is the 2015 Green Car of the year.

One of these gadgets might be right for the techie on your holiday shopping list.

It's wise, before the snow flies (or as soon as possible if flakes have already flown), to take the time to prep your home and property for winter. We hear often about emergency service calls that could have been avoided if homeowners had taken time to winterize or to hire help to get it done.

Virginia gardener Nancy Ross Hugo has always been in the habit of putting little snippets of plants and ripening fruit on a windowsill at her home in Ashland, Va.

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