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Is there any way both teams can lose? That’s what I keep hearing from Carolina Panther fans when they are talking about this season’s Seattle-New England Super Bowl.

For anyone who has ever turned 40, you know there are always a few moments that make you feel old. For Dale Earnhardt Jr., one of those came when Jeff Gordon announced that 2015 would be his last year driving full-time.

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch is talking, but not about what everyone wants to know: Where does the situation with his former girlfriend, whom he called a “trained assassin,” stand?

NASCAR’s new Chase format remains terrific for the most part. But it needs to close that one obvious loophole – no one should be allowed to win the title without winning a single race.

Once tagged “Wonder Boy” by the late Dale Earnhardt, Jeff Gordon was different that other NASCAR drivers in the early 1990s. But Gordon found his place, and became a champion. Thursday, he announced this would be his final season driving.

Kemba Walker came back from his knee injury Wednesday night, but his jump shot decided to take another day off. Walker shot 4-for-17, and yet the point guard still willed the Hornets to victory to a 78-76 home win over Miami

This was supposed to be Davidson’s transition year, a season full of struggles in its new Atlantic 10 conference. The Wildcats were picked to finish 12th in the 14-team league just before the season began by a panel of coaches and media.

Maybe it was karma given this was Lance Stephenson bobblehead night, but the Charlotte Hornets and Indiana Pacers combined for one seriously strange game full of missed shots Saturday evening.

Scott Fowler’s unemotional look at seven things he would do in the next few days and months if he were Carolina Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman.

In every NFL game there are hidden plays – those that don’t make the highlights and don’t involve points – that also determine the game’s outcome. Here are four that worked out badly for Carolina.

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Scott Fowler is a national award-winning sports columnist for The Charlotte Observer.