Joe Posnanski on Charlotte 49ers football

08/24/2013 12:00 AM

08/24/2013 11:29 AM

Frankly, everything’s changed at Charlotte since I attended – even the name. We were UNCC in my day. When I worked for the school newspaper, I wrote that when you told people your school, they thought you were a Tar Heel with a stutter.

And football? I remember once writing a story about the possibility of 49er football, and it was a bit like writing one of those “wouldn’t it be great if

someday we all had flying cars” science fiction deals. And now it’s happening. Amazing.

Autumns have always been hard for us UNCC alums.

There’s a bar near where I used to live in Kansas City called Chappell’s where every professional or college football helmet in America is fastened to the ceiling. Every time I would go in there, Jim Chappell would ask me what college I went to so he could show me their football helmet – and each time I would tell him I went to UNCC (or Charlotte) and we had no football. He would always say, “Well, if they ever get football, let me know, I’ll give their helmet a place of honor.”

So, now, my job is to get Jim a Charlotte 49ers football helmet, so we finally can be in the conversation.

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