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Usually the 12th Man is a difference maker for Seattle.

Denard Robinson finished the sentence quicker than he hit holes.

If it seems as if NFL records are broken or tied every week this season, well, that's because they are.

This was one ball Peyton Manning wanted in his grasp.

Following so many years of frustration, veteran defensive tackle Kyle Williams is beginning to wonder if the Buffalo Bills have learned a thing or two about resilience.

Ryan Tannehill was sure he was going to hand the ball off. Then he saw the defense, and he knew what he had to do.

With another big lead slipping away at home, St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher made a daring call that turned out to be sheer brilliance.

Carson Palmer left his homecoming game in Oakland in a position he rarely held during his two seasons with the Raiders: first place.

Kirk Cousins comes in for Robert Griffin III and completes his first 12 passes to lead the Washington Redskins to victory over a humdrum team. Five weeks later, Colt McCoy comes in for Cousins and completes his first six passes to lead the Redskins to victory over yet another humdrum team.

The milestones keep piling up during what is turning into a special first half of the season for Aaron Rodgers.

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