Local Golf 2.23.14

02/23/2014 7:45 PM

02/23/2014 7:46 PM



Tampa, Florida

Rocky Lexington Quail

Point Oaks Hollow

Alvin Thompson88-76-79=243

Darryal Watts86-79-77=245

Cletis Dozier87-79-82=248

Randy Coates86-79-87=252

Kendu Dunlap97-81-80=258

Leroy Roseboro97-82-84=263

Mack Gill92-81-94=267

Harold Varner, Jr.91-82-95=268

Victor “Kix” Richardson96-84-89=269

Ray Johnson94-93-88=275

Jamel Austin93-93-89=275

Sam Fleming101-92-88=281

Charles Gaillord100-96-94=290

Larry Barber110-87-95=292

James Bowditch117-105-108=330

Ace DrakefordNS-107-108=215

Rocky Point Golf Course

Score Teams

Darryal Watts-Cletis Dozier-Jamel Austin-Victor Richardson73

Alvin Thompson-Harold Varner-Charles Gaillord-Ace Drakeford78

Kendu Dunlap-Randy Coates-Ray Johnson-Sam Fleming79

Larry Barber-Leroy Roseboro-Mack Gill-James Bowditch83

Lexington Oaks Golf Course

Score Teams

Alvin Thompson-Randy Coates-Charles Gaillord-Vic Richardson68

Darryal Watts-Cletis Dozier-Ray Johnson-Ace Drakeford70

Kendu Dunlap-Jamel Austin-Harold Varner-Sam Fleming73

Larry Barber-Leroy Roseboro-Mack Gill-James Bowditch73

Quail Hollow Golf Course

Score Teams

Kendu Dunlap-Randy Coates-Sam Fleming-Harold Varner71

Darryal Watts-Jamel Austin-Vic Richardson-James Bowditch72

Leroy Roseboro-Cletis Dozier-Mack Gill-Charles Gaillord72

Alvin Thompson-Larry Barber-Ray Johnson-Ace Drakeford75



Tanner Owen100-100-80=280

David Kocher75-100-100=275

Jordan Clontz28-77.5-35-39.5-100=252.5

Alex Molgaard23.5-60-24.5-100-15-60=244.5

John Derrick80-72.5-45-39.5=237

Thomas Hodges65-70-75=210

Cody Carlson31.5-47.5-32.5-55-55=190

DJ Thornton35.5-55-41.3-37-37-39.5=172.8

Sean Shalvoy35.5-41.3-50-39.5=166.3

Aaron Walker47.5-37=84.5

Matt Brady25.5-23-18=66.5

Landon Ragley31.5-27=58.5

Will Stewart47.5

Alexander Dorton38.5

Mark Capecci33

Aaron Thomas32.5

Press Clark22

Jack Dlugos22


Davis Lamb75-60-100-100=335

William Harwood70-45-75-72.5=262.5

Brantley Phillips80-39-52.5-38.5-62.5=234

Blake Wagoner80-50-80=210

Cooper Daniel45-65-42.5-47.5-50=207.5

Will Simmons100-65=165

Sam McGee65-34-57.5=156.5

Ethan Sawyers37-33.5-45-22=137.5

Jack Brea38-26.5-45=109.5

Ethan Schwartz22-38.5-45=105.5

Ronnie Uszenski45-30.5=75.5

Evan Crook29-23-21=73

Trevor Beckham26-45=71

Patten Williams60

William Crook25-21=46

Mason Elmore37

Walker Simas29

Girls Division

Kendall Dobbins65-80-100-100-75-75-100=380

Elizabeth Nguyen100-100-100-80=380

Maria Cassas100-70-80=250

Alexis Lewis70-80-75=225

Hailey Freedman75-75-70=220

Madison Cobb55-65-75=195

Samantha Bennett80-75=155

Courtney Normand70-65=135

Ashlyn Day50-60=110

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