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05/04/2014 8:00 PM

05/04/2014 8:02 PM


Walt Worthen aced hole No. 12 at Hillcrest Golf Course on Sunday during the Capital City 33rd Annual Tournament.

Lindsay Stroker aced 63-yard hole No. 10 at Carmel Country Club on Sunday using a sand wedge. It was her 1st.

Randy Cimordlli scored a double eagle on 510-yard hole No. 16 at Waterford Golf Club using a 3-wood on Saturday. It was his 1st.

Local Golf


Super Senior Flight 74-90

Calvin Dawkins78-70–148

Steve Hay76-75–151

Tim Harris77-76–153

Sam Barnette82-79–161

John Smith78-83–161

Moses Williams83-79–162

Coley Jeter74-89–163

Ernest Bowles77-90–167

Dan Myers81-86–167

James “Shorty” Williams90-78–168

Al “Jelly” Blair89-86–171

Ben Dawson89-86–175

Henry Flapp84-93–177

Championship Flight 70-77

Walt Worthen77-71–148

Lee Pitts72-76–148

Ed Johnson75-77–152

Tony Banks74-78–152

Ricky Brown74-83–157

C.C. Clarke76-81–157

Randy Floyd76-81–157

First Flight 78-84

Colonel Hopper78-72–150

Martin Kershaw79-74–153

Victor Brown80-73–153

Vincent Harris78-78–156

Reuben Gadsden82-75–157

Derrick Simpson80-78–158

Darryal Watts82-78–160

Calvin Thomas78-84–162

Terry “Turkey” Garrett82-80–162

Ricky Hill81-82–163

Guy Morrison83-81–164

Mike Glover82-83–165

Odell Price84-81–165

Mitchell Smith81-87–168

Ken Roberts84-85–169

Willie Wood84-89–173

Spence Lester83-94–177

Second Flight 85-91

Virgil Wynn86-78–164

Al Bradley87-80–167

Harrison Pitts85-82–167

Fred Walker86-83–169

Larry Watkins87-83–170

John Love85-85–170

T. Callaway86-85–171

Bobby “Coach” Andrews85-86–171

Ty Young85-88–173

Willie Green91-85–176

Doc Mclean90-87–177

Bayne Green89-89–178

Ray Thomas91-87–178

Tommy Simpson88-91–179

Ed Buggs90-89–179

Charles Hampton91-89–180

Don DeBouse88-93–181

Pap Dinkins91-91–182

Charlie Clark0-93–183

Bernard Bentley85-99–184

Ray Ingram91-96–187

Carl Hill90-77–187

Third Flight 93-99

Ray Johnson93-86–179

Joe Hudson96-86–182

Joe Griggs96-88–184

Reggie Sellers97-88–185

S.J. Green96-90–186

James Dillard94-83–187

John Henry Mitchell95-98–193

Ira Jones97-96–193

Michael Linhardt95-100–195

Thad Washington94-102–196

Montriss Allen99-98–197

George Redmond97-101–198

Sam Fleming96-104–200

Fourth Flight 100-122

Frank Summers101-92–193

Eugene Cook102-91–193

Ollie Wineglass101-96–197

Richard Robinson101-101–202

Joe Keitt100-103–203

Ron Moore102-101–203

Shelia Hinton102-101–203

Roy Jackson105-101–206

Byron Hunt103-104–207

Verner Jennings102-108–210

Ernest Middleton107-104–211

James Bowditch115-99–214

Roosevelt Mosley108-110–218

Charles Whiteside121-99–220

Ty Allen101-119–220

Ace Drakeford106-117–223

Doug Dennis122-108–230

Friday 2 Person Team

Championship Flight

John Smith-Ricky Brown68

Tony Banks-Guy Morrison69

E. Carr-Morando Lewis71

Ed Johnson-Dan Myers71

Victor Brown-Willie Wood71

First Flight

Mitchell Smith-Walt Worthen72

Coley Jeter-Walter Cobb73

Henry Flapp-Delano Jones74

Ernest Bowles-Verner Jennings78

Al Bradley-Ray Ingram78

Willie Green-Carl Hill81

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