Local Golf 6.12.14

06/12/2014 11:00 PM

06/12/2014 11:01 PM

eGolf Tour

Forest Oaks Classic

At Greensboro

Thursday’s second round

Garland Green67-66–133

David Watkins64-69–133

Matthew Ryan66-67–133

Jack Fields67-67–134

Ryan Nelson65-69–134

Kevin McLister64-70–134

John-Tyler Griffin69-66–135

Jesse Hutchins69-66–135

Drew Perry70-65–135

Richard Fountain68-67–135

Ryan Gildersleeve68-68–136

Daniel Claytor67-69–136

Brett Lange68-68–136

James White69-67–136

Sean Bosdosh67-69–136

Michael Davan69-68–137

Phillip Mollica66-71–137

Frank Adams III69-68–137

Seamus Power69-68–137

Adam Stephenson70-67–137

Reed Darsie69-68–137

Ethan Tracy67-70–137

Chip Lynn67-71–138

Thomas Bass71-67–138

Alex Redfield71-67–138

Sam Beach68-70–138

Jurrian Van der Vaart71-67–138

David Erdy70-68–138

Luke Hopkins72-66–138

Ryan Sullivan68-70–138

Nicholas Mehigan70-68–138

Kamito Hirai71-68–139

Tommy Gibson70-69–139

Garrett Spivey66-73–139

Mark Wright69-70–139

Adam Webb68-71–139

Anthony DeGol 69-70–139

Andy Bare69-71–140

Chris Gallagher72-68–140

Josh Hart67-73–140

Bobby MacWhinnie70-70–140

Corbin Mills68-72–140


Scott Smith aced 157-yard hole No. 4 at Springfield Golf Club on Thursday using a 6-iron. It was his 1st.

Brad Chance aced 165-yard hole No. 5 at Myers Park Country Club on Thursday using a 5-iron. It was his 1st.

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