Local Golf 7.3.14

07/03/2014 11:00 PM

07/03/2014 11:01 PM

Local Golf

48th Twin State Girls’ Championship

Columbia Country Club

Par 72 6,270 yards

Catherine Ashworth73-70--143

Siranon Shoomee71-73--144

Jessica Spicer74-73--147

Hailey Cleary75-74--149

Morgan Cox74-76--150

Callista Rice72-79--151

Jacqueline Twitty77-74--151

Ashley Sloup77-75--152

Joliana Elias79-74--153

Ashley Czarnecki82-72--154

Carley Cox77-77--154

Grace Massengill78-76--154

Sarah Spicer 76-78--154

Grace Yatawara81-74--155

Holly McCann76-79--155

Kathryn Carson79-76--155

Hailey Freedman 82-74--156

Gracyn Burgess76-81--157

Ann Elizabeth Gore79-79--158

Kathleen Sumner77-81--158

Makalyn Poole83-75--158

Whitney Carter78-80--158

Emily Cox81-78--159

Emily Herron79-80--159

Anna McDonald81-79--160

Moon Cheong81-79--160

Carly Lyvers77-84--161

Caroline Cahill80-81--161

Isabella Rusher82-79--161

Jalen Castle81-80--161

Keri Kenkel80-81--161

Anna Eddy87-76--163

Jaelyn Tindal82-81--163

Jensen Castle81-82--163

Kendall Dobbins80-83--163

Maria Cassas81-82--163

Bella Harris86-79--165

Morgan Laird79-86--165

Jodee Tindal82-84--166

Marisa Daquil-Kawabe82-84--166

Savanna Mackie 84-82--166

Blake Hodges 89-79--168

Reilly Thomas88-81--169

Delanie Mortier87-84--171

Renee Janis81-91--172

Sarah Towne 86-86--172

Alyssa Campbell89-85--174

Kate Hill88-86--174

Alexis Whitney 87-89--176

Sarah Smith89-90--179

Sophia Burnett 90-90--180

Cassie Paulin 89-92--181

Caroline Cole95-89--184

Kiana Jones95-91--186

Caroline Crumrine 99-99--198

Faith Parker96-102--198

Sara Allen128-112--240

eGolf Tour

ArrowCreek Open; ArrowCreek Country Club

Final Results

Craig Barlow 69-68-64-201

Tyler Raber66-71-64-201

Ryan Dillon66-69-66-201

Brian Vranesh66-67-70-203

James Erkenbeck64-69-70-203

John Chin67-70-67-204

Jack Perry68-70-66-204

Chris Gilman64-70-70-204

Kevin Lucas69-69-67-205

Isaac Sanchez71-71-64-206

T.J. Howe68-72-66-206

Nick Chianello70-70-66-206

Jake Higginbottom69-72-66-207

Christopher Evans65-75-68-208

Jesse Schutte71-70-68-209

Colin Featherstone66-76-68-210

Ethan Tracy72-70-68-210

Trevor Blair73-68-69-210.

Kenneth McCready*68-71-71-210

Jesse Mueller70-69-71-210

Seamus Power70-68-72-210

Ryan Nelson71-72-68-211

Martin Trainer71-66-74-211

Stephen Edman70-67-74-211

Mikey McGinn70-72-70-212

Nick Sherwood72-70-70-212

Amory Davis73-69-70-212

C.J. Kim73-68-71-212

Joshua Brock72-69-71-212

Gunner Wiebe69-74-70-213

Ryan D. Carter70-73-70-213

Kyle Souza72-70-71-213

Trent Virden72-71-72-215

Stephen Hale72-68-75-215

Scott Smith72-70-74-216

Darren Angel72-70-74-216

Drew Carlson69-74-74-217

Travis Gonda73-70-76-219


Neil Vroom aced 140-yard hole No. 17 on Tuesday at Mallard Head Golf Course using an 8-iron. It was his 1st.

David Alexander aced 162-yard hole No. 9 on Thursday at Cedarwood Country Club using a 9-iron. It was his 4th.

Felton Rhodes aced 118-yard hole No. 3 on Thursday at Cedarwood Country Club using an 8-iron. It was his 3rd.

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