Local Golf 07.25.14

07/25/2014 10:46 PM

07/25/2014 10:47 PM

48th Carolinas Father-Son Championship

Overall Championship Results

Pinewild Country Club

Paul Simson/Phillip Simson36-33--69

Tim Hudgins/Joshua Hudgins35-34--69

Nolan Mills Jr./Nolan Mills35-35--70

Ben Riley/Thomas Riley33-37--70

John Carroll/Stephen Carroll34-36--70

Walker Taylor IV/Jackson Taylor35-36--71

Jake Arlington/Jim Arlington35-36--71

Bob Beasley/Rob Beasley37-35--72

Tracy Brown/Tyler Brown38-34--72

John Nims/Clay Nims39-33--72

Ken Chester/Steve Chester37-35--72

Eugene Spencer Jr./Jeff Spencer36-36--72

Ernie Newton/Scott Newton34-39--73

Dewey Wilkerson/Kane Wilkerson38-35--73

David Ange/Gary Ange37-36--73

Burk Wyatt/Frankie Wyatt37-36--73

Phillip Blevins/Trevor Blevins37-36--73

Matt Mullen/Joe Mullen39-35--74

Walter Todd Sr./Neal Todd38-36--74

Kendrick Vinar Jr./Kendrick Vinar

Jeff Davis/Riley Davis36-38--74

Eddie Fisher/Jeff Fisher39-35--74

Neil Wilkinson/Steve Wilkinson38-36--74

Paul Willoughby/Rex Willoughby38-36--74

David Smith/Drayton Smith37-37--74

Barry Harbinson/Brandon Harbinson36-38--74

Chuck Tickle/Chase Tickle37-37--74

Jim Pridge/Brent Pridge38-36--74

Mike Burton/Scott Burton35-39--74

Doug Meggs/Daniel Meggs36-38--74


John Coleman aced 139 yard, #3 at The Divide Golf Club with a 9 iron. It was his 1st.

Dave Duncan aced 118 yard, #16 at Springfield Golf Club with an 8 iron. It was his 2nd.

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