Local Golf 7.27.14

07/27/2014 9:00 PM

07/27/2014 9:01 PM

Local Golf

High Point Golf Swingers 36th Annual Golf Tournament

Saturday: Blair Park Golf Course

Sunday: Oak Hollow Golf Course

Super Senior Flight 74-101

Winslow “Jim” Sherrill74-80=154

Woodrow Fuller76-79=155

Matt Clegg72-86=158

Bill Thomas74-86=160

Joe Clark86-85=171

Alonzo Watson78-93=171

Tom Trollinger85-89=174

Eddie Mallard87-89=176

Elmer Smith90-109=199

John Hirsch101-106=207

Championship Flight 70-78

Andre Robinson74-74=148

Josh Horne70-79=149

John Dailey75-76=151

Tony Banks71-80=151

C.C. Clark73-79=152

Alton Caldwell72-82=154

Bernard Christian74-81=155

Johnny Williford78-78=156

Ron Thompson72-85=157

Jimmy Miller77-83=160

Freddie Bowers76-89=165

Melvin Fair78-89=167

First Flight 79-86

Jerome Wingate85-77=162

William Green81-81=162

Jimmy Covington81-82=163

Al Anderson81-82=163

Dorffus Shaw79-84=163

Al Bradley84-80=164

Harvey Jones82-83=165

Bertrand Bonnick85-81=166

Johnny Gore84-83=167

Larry Watkins85-83=168

William Jones79-89=168

Charles “C.B.” Brown83-86=169

James “Shorty” Sherrill81-89=170

Anthony Franklin81-90=171

Wilton Bynum81-91=172

John Greene86-88=174

Z. Harris86-90=176

Herb Wiley85-94=179

Will Bowen85-94=179

John Bell86-92=188

Second Flight 87-107

Brian Hariston88-82=170

Shawn Griffin89-88=177

Greg Collins87-90=177

Melvin Jackson88-90=178

Charles Whitfield89-89=178

Jerry Camp87-92=179

John Bryant90-91=181

M.T. Holley89-92=181

David Taylor90-91=181

Ralph Simmons89-94=183

John Joyner92-91=183

Bo Chisholm94-95=189

Chuck Stevens96-94-190

Pete Boyce87-105=192

Skip Alston92-101=193

Perry Brown99-97=196

Lester Spivey101-96=197

Mid-Atlantic Junior Girls

Final Results

Khushboo Thiagaraj def. Siranon Shoomee, 2 and 1

Ashley Dingman def. Madison Moosa, 3 and 1

Jennifer Chang def. Amanda Hollandsworth, 5 and 4

Sarah Spicer def. Kristin Hearp, 3 and 2

Grace Yatawara halved Sienna Ferrick

Jessica Spicer def. Katie Turk, 2 and 1

Reona Hirai def. Meagan Board, 2 up

Kelli Murphy def. Amy Yang, 9 and 7


Mark Simpson aced 149-yard hole No. 13 at Springfield Golf Club on Sunday using an 8-iron. It was his 4th.

Double Eagle

L. D. Simmons double eaged 499-yard hole No. 11 at Carmel Country Club on Saturday using a 3-wood.

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