Local Golf 8.30.14

08/30/2014 10:36 PM

08/30/2014 10:36 PM

Local Golf

eGolf: River Hills Championship

Final Results

Ethan Tracy70-70-66-66--272

Ryan Nelson68-70-69-67--274

Christian Brand70-66-70-71--277

Ben Geyer70-69-73-67--279

Andrew Yun71-67-69-72--279

Chris Gallagher68-68-69-76--281

Abbie Valentine71-68-70-73--282

Seamus Power67-73-68-74--282

Chris Thompson70-73-72-68--283

Talor Gooch73-71-71-69--284

Tyler McCumber,73-69-70-72--284

Ryan Dillon71-72-70-72--285

Charles Bull73-69-71-72--285

Justin Smith71-72-69-73--285

Will Collins74-71-70-71--286

Matthew Ryan72-71-72-71--286

Michael Letzig71-70-73-72--286

Adam Stephenson67-72-73-74--286

Matt Schall73-72-68-74--287

Drew Perry70-70-72-75--287

Brandon Hagy66-70-72-79--287

Seth Reeves70-73-74-71--288

Kyle Gallo71-74-73-70--288

Drew Weaver72-71-71-74--288

Frank Adams III*73-71-76-68--288

Erick Justesen69-74-74-72--289

Travis Ross69-74-72-74--289

Bruce McDonald71-74-73-71--289

Jonathon Krick71-72-76-70--289

Corey Nagy72-71-72-75--290

9th Carolinas Mixed Team Golf Championship

First Round Results


Debbie Adams/Anthony Adams35-34--69

George Rasque/Victoria Tsurutis36-34--70

Janis Romeo-Dinschel/Tim Romeo38-35--73

Michael Mayer/Virginia Mayer37-38--75

Jeffrey Sepesi/Lisa Sepesi38-38--76


Todd Manley/Cass Manley38-37--75

Steve Clark/Tracie Clark39-37--76

Mike Holland/Lisa Holland36-43--79

Michael Garnett/Christy Garnett43-41--84

Goran Adolfson/Carmella Adolfsson44-46--90

Graham Hall/Ann Hall44-46--90

Senior 1

Michael Egan/Susan Egan39-35--74

David Andereck/Cynthia Andereck34-41--75

Deborah Beasley/Dan Beasley37-38--75

Charles Armentrout/Leigh Armentrout39-36--75

Robin Lindsey/Ava Lindsey40-36--76

Sybil Davis/Kirk Davis36-41--77

Bob Binkley/Kathy Binkley39-38--77

Senior 2

Jane Fesperman/Mike Fesperman39-35--74

Melvin Chamblee/Nancy Chamblee34-40--74

Bruce Bright/Tami Bright37-41--78

Russ Daniel/Linda Daniel39-39--78

Masakazu Tsuchiya/Kyoko Tsuchiya41-38--79

Jeff Howe Sr/Kathy Howe43-39--82

Crystal Finnegan/Jim Finnegan47-41--88

Senior 3

Teddy Stockwell/Charley Gibbs38-37--75

Anita Marciniak/Dave Marciniak41-39--80

Mike Harris/Robin Harris40-41--81

Maggie Collins/Joe Collins44-41--85

Jim Phlegar/Ann Phelgar43-44--87

David Smith/Ada Ellen Smith45-42--87

Anthonie Lombard/Beverley Lombard43-47--90


Larry Courtney aced 132-yard hole No. 10 at Fort Mill Golf Club on Saturday using a 9-iron. It was his 1st.

Josh Fuller aced 175-yard hole No. 7 at Myers Park Country Club on Saturday using a 7-iron. It was his 1st.

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