Save Money in this Sunday's paper

From apps to in-store discounts, there are plenty of ways to save at Target.

Earn points that will earn you cash back by filling prescriptions and buying select items.

Sales are hot on 2014 cars, jeans and pork.

Use your Wellness Card and sign up for the +UP Rewards program to maximize savings.

Drugstores have a bit of everything. Learn how to not overpay.

Take these tips when hitting the consignment sales this fall.

Buy wine, lunchbox items and coffee this month at a discount.

Box Tops and Campbell’s Labels for Education are easy ways to help schools

Earn your favorite schools money or equipment by spending money at the grocery store

Several retailers offer programs that reward schools when you buy certain items

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Tara McAlister
Tara McAlister is's Deal Diva, giving you loads of easy tips to save money.