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Joey Gay almost didn’t go to school on Dec. 14, 2012. The 7-year-old girl suffered a concussion a few weeks earlier and wasn’t feeling well.

A federal judge made an unusual ruling in California this month that should get Americans thinking – and none more than those of us in North Carolina.

I was given a tough assignment last week. A group of 300 business and civic leaders from Louisville and Lexington, Ky., visited Charlotte to learn about how we have become such a successful city.

Joseph Pulitzer well understood how essential a free and vigorous press was to America.

Greg Brannon sure seemed knowledgeable about the U.S. Constitution at North Carolina’s first Republican U.S. Senate debate last week. He wielded it like a pair of nunchuks, pummeling nearly every question with the Founders’ vision.

Patrick Cannon was always engaging -- as long as you could be of help to him.

Concerned about the city’s poorest children, Charlotte leaders gathered last week to talk about how to provide them … broadband?

Is being moderate a virtue? If you’re a politician, that depends on where you sit – and what kind of reelection campaign you face. That was demonstrated by back-to-back announcements last week.

Search the Charlotte Observer’s photo archives for “ImaginOn,” and you’ll find 275 pictures. Most of them show children at the uptown building laughing and learning, enraptured in a librarian’s storytelling or mesmerized by live professional theater.

Dear Charlotte Observer editorial page editor of 2064,

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Taylor Batten
Taylor Batten is The Observer's editorial page editor.