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Patrick Cannon was always engaging -- as long as you could be of help to him.

Concerned about the city’s poorest children, Charlotte leaders gathered last week to talk about how to provide them … broadband?

Is being moderate a virtue? If you’re a politician, that depends on where you sit – and what kind of reelection campaign you face. That was demonstrated by back-to-back announcements last week.

Search the Charlotte Observer’s photo archives for “ImaginOn,” and you’ll find 275 pictures. Most of them show children at the uptown building laughing and learning, enraptured in a librarian’s storytelling or mesmerized by live professional theater.

Dear Charlotte Observer editorial page editor of 2064,

The national fight between tea party Republicans and everyone else is a long-running war, and each election and clash in Congress is one more battle within it. The next big confrontations (after a February debt ceiling skirmish) are the 2014 primaries – and both Carolinas will have a major say in whether the tea party regains recently lost ground or continues to lose steam.

Moderate voters in Charlotte and across the state are kicking themselves for supporting consensus-building “Mayor Pat” only to find that Gov. Pat McCrory can be quite different. But my interview with him last week and a breakfast with him a couple weeks earlier make clear he hasn’t changed a bit in one respect: This is a man obsessed with his image and how he’s portrayed. It’s clear he doesn’t go a day without being deeply frustrated by what he sees as unfair attacks on his good name.

What’s a bigger political loser: Obamacare or the tea party? We in North Carolina are about to find out.

We all know Charlotte is changing quickly, but a friend pointed me to a new statistic this week that grabbed me by the lapels: Mecklenburg County was one of six counties in the nation (of more than 3,100) to become a majority-minority population in 2012.

Both Patrick Cannon and Edwin Peacock said Tuesday night after their primary victories that their race for mayor will come down to one’s vision for Charlotte versus the other’s.

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Taylor Batten
Taylor Batten is The Observer's editorial page editor.