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Birders often rely on bird sounds to let them know of other birds or threats that may be in the area.

The red-shouldered hawk and Cooper’s hawk are the most common species seen here

Some birds disperse from coastal wetlands and arrive in the Piedmont looking for moist habitats.

With two Mississippi kites spotted near Alexander Road, the next challenge is to try to document a nest or fledged young. It’s a long shot, but I am hopeful someone reading this may be seeing these birds in their yard or neighborhood.

Readers tell of unconventional places on their property where birds build nests.

Dickcissels are handsome, finch-like birds of farm country, seen recently in Union County.

The limbs of a large sweet gum tree near my home have become a popular perch for a wide variety of bird species.

A number of bird species often choose man-made structures for their nests over natural sites.

These brood parasites can negatively impact populations of native birds.

This chase did not fit the norm. I actually had to chase a bird around the county to find it.

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