Save Money in this Sunday's paper

Don’t wait for despair to set in over summer utility bills. Here are five ways to cut your costs and stay cool.

One of the best parts of summer for me is hitting the lake with family and friends. I don’t love jumping through hurdles to find a sunscreen that’s safe to use.

In addition to noise pollution, gas-powered lawn equipment also creates air, land and water pollution. This summer, pick smarter equipment that will not only cut pollution but also trim lawn maintenance costs.

Getting rid of weeds can be a problem. In fact, it can be downright dangerous because there are growing health concerns over one of the chief ingredients used for killing weeds: glyphosate. There are healthier and less expensive alternatives.

The flowers are blooming, the weather is warming and pests are starting to appear inside and outside of our homes. Instead of reaching for a toxic cocktail of bug killer, you can Do Your Part to battle these pests with safer solutions.

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a few old prescriptions that have been hanging around for years. Those plastic bottles may contain the last antibiotic from a bout of strep throat or a medication you never even used.

Terri Bennett
Terri Bennett has been providing weather forecasts in the Charlotte area for more than 16 years. In September 2007, she launched to serve as the single source of Terri's knowledge and expertise. She is also promoting green technology in her 'Do Your Part' campaign.