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No matter what happens against the Atlanta Falcons in the Georgia Dome on Sunday, the Carolina Panthers will be better prepared for the 2015 NFL season than they were for this one.

The Charlotte Bobcats’ foray into the NBA playoffs was short, but it showed the team had potential.

Jonathan Jones was at 70 percent on his NFL picks, but Tom Sorensen, despite a headache, says he was at 89.9 percent. So there.

In the world of NFL players, Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman is different. He’s all about gladiator movies, learning from his mistakes and accepting a challenge.

An AFC team with 10 victories will be shut out of the playoffs. The NFC South champion, meanwhile, not only will make the playoffs with a record of 8-8, 7-8-1 or 7-9, but will host a playoff game.

A fall put Tom Sorensen in the hospital with a concussion. He’s back, and appreciates his doctors and the support of many, including the readers who took time to reach out.

After Sunday’s 38-10 Baltimore Ravens victory over Carolina, former Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith said his former team didn’t deserve any trash talk on the field. He just went about his business.

Among the numbers from the Carolina Panthers’ 38-10 loss to the Baltimore Ravens are several that suggest the Panthers can’t run or get to the quarterback. None of them suggest a solution.

Steve Smith’s former team, the Carolina Panthers, plays his current team, the Baltimore Ravens, at 1 p.m. Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium. There are games on the schedule players circle and games fans circle. They all circled this one.

No one knows who Carolina is yet, and we might not know for eight more games, until the Panthers reach their bye week.

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Tom Sorensen
Tom Sorensen has been a columnist at The Observer for about three decades, writing about nearly every sport in the Carolinas.