Save Money in this Sunday's paper

Cocktail caricatures make Santa a party pooper.

Moms bear the brunt of creating Christmas memories.

Lip gloss freebies keep me glam at all times

This holiday season, gift exchange takes on new meaning …

Black out your Friday, Saturday and Sunday – and enjoy!

Nothing in this life takes 20 minutes – not even Slow-Cooker Chicken Parmesan.

Why do we feel compelled to make our bed for the benefit of someone else? I didn’t make it before. But because somebody’s going to see it, now I want to do it. And why? So she’ll see my nicely made bed and think “Here’s a gal who’s together.”

What to do with the leftover Halloween candy

Costumes allow us to be what we couldn’t possibly be.

From infectious diseases to disappointment, it’s all scary

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Tracy Lee Curtis
Tracy Lee Curtis is a humorist, writer and speaker. She writes family humor for the Charlotte Observer. Her column appears each Sunday.