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Throughout Duke Energy’s century of service to the Carolinas, we’ve been honored to serve our customers and communities by delivering reliable, low-cost electricity.

In a sun-dappled square decorated with scores of entrants in the community’s Halloween scarecrow contest, a balky sound system enables, if barely, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate to exhort a few hundred people, mostly supporters, to urge neighbors to vote to reduce Sen. Harry Reid to minority leader. The exhorter is David Perdue, a glutton for punishment who has been campaigning incessantly for 15 months and may be doing so for two more.

A few days ago, the world was introduced to my hometown, which until then was barely known outside Washington. Marysville – an itsy-bitsy city when I lived there – is now renowned as the place where a 15-year-old shot five classmates in a school cafeteria.

Less than a week before the midterm elections, President Barack Obama has, in many parts of the country, become the man who wasn’t there. Swing-state Democrats are afraid to mention his name in public, and consultants are cringing over interviews in which Obama has proclaimed that the upcoming election represents a referendum on his administration’s policy initiatives.

Was that a Carolina Heelsplitter I spotted near I-77?

In a week it will be over, this madness masquerading as North Carolina’s U.S. Senate race. Not a minute too soon.

Justice Anthony Kennedy doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy I’d want to share a beer and a brat with, or be stuck next to on a long flight. But I would like for the most influential swing voter on the Supreme Court to step away from his legal aerie, and wade through some of the muck that he and four fellow justices have given us with the 2014 campaign.

It’s a good thing for Dominic Adesanya that U.S. marshals don’t bite.

Run, Jeb, run.

Who knew a bunch of bananas would occupy so much front-page space!

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