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As we remember the legacy of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., especially after the annual banquets, community service activities and prayer vigils, a question still looms in many of our minds: where do we go from here?

Under fire from Republicans and even House Democratic leaders, the White House withdrew this week its plan to end the tax-free status of the college savings accounts known as 529 plans. It’s the first political debacle of 2015 for President Obama on the domestic-policy front – but a part of me almost admires him for trying this particular gambit.

This week marks the 70th anniversary of the 1945 liberation of Auschwitz, the notorious death camp in Poland at which 1.1 million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust. With each passing year, fewer survivors remain. The time is not far off when there will be no living witnesses to share their part in this story, to say: Yes, this happened, and this is how. We cannot allow evidence of the atrocities of the Holocaust to be co-opted by other groups for other purposes.

Out of milk and bread, so I’m grabbing my car keys, wallet and my Luger for a quick trip to the store.

A major transformation is underway and that affects every business in Charlotte.

“Governor seeks options for unused lane...” Must be the road to re-election.

The Koch brothers are done being shy. That’s the conclusion one would have to draw from their announcement that they hope to spend $889 million on the 2016 election, an unprecedented amount of outside money. It won’t all be theirs – they’re assembling a kind of plutocrat Politburo, a group of billionaires and zillionaires who will contribute – but with a combined worth of over $80 billion, they’ll surely be the ones opening their wallets the widest and determining the strategy and the agenda.

We should have seen this one coming.

But so was, “Atta boy, Ernie!” The exclamation of the Cubs’ broadcasters grew with each of the 512 home runs Banks would hit over his 19-year career with the Cubs. The announcer’s call became the cry of jubilant fans as Ernie made his 11 All-Star appearances and won the National League’s first-ever back-to-back Most Valuable Player Awards. And the man initially known for being the first black player ever to call lily-white Wrigley Field home, became forever the beloved, “Mr. Cub.”

So I suppose you heard about the latest e-cigarette study, the one that said that the vapors e-cigarette users inhale contain multiple forms of formaldehyde. It was much in the news last week, after its authors, five scientists from Portland State University, published a peer-reviewed letter outlining their findings in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine.

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