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Barack Obama lost Kentucky in 2012 by 23 points, yet the state remains closely divided about re-electing the man whose parliamentary skills uniquely qualify him to restrain Obama’s executive overreach. So, Kentucky’s Senate contest is a constitutional moment that will determine whether the separation of powers will be reasserted by a Congress revitalized by restoration of the Senate’s dignity.

The Clean Water Act, which turned 42 on Saturday, is the most successful tool our country has to protect our water. In the past four decades, it has been responsible for reducing pollution, making our drinking water safer. It has increased hunting and fishing opportunities, and provided an economic boost to a myriad of industries, including outdoor recreation, beer brewing and many more.

No one in the family had been to college. But Elizabeth Warren won a debate scholarship to George Washington University. Though she let an early marriage derail it two years along, she got back on track and rose to become a Harvard law professor specializing in bankruptcy, a prominent White House official and now a U.S. senator. She’s been described as the nation’s top authority on the beleaguered American middle class.

Earth to N.C. Values Coalition...

Breast cancer giant Susan G. Komen has found its strangest bedfellow yet in one of the world’s largest oilfield services corporations, Baker Hughes. The two have teamed up for a second year to distribute 1,000 pink drill bits to oil fields worldwide. Each drill bit, which burrows thousands of feet underground to tap fossil fuel reservoirs, is “shipped to the drill site in a pink-topped container containing information packets with breast health facts, including breast cancer risk factors and screening tips,” according to energy news site

As of now, in a race that could go either way, the incumbent Democratic senator, Kay Hagan, is a slight favorite over Republican Thom Tillis for one reason: Her challenger is speaker of the Republican-led state House of Representatives, which is about as unpopular in North Carolina as Congress.

Stop blaming nurses for the potential spread of Ebola.

I wish the government would read the Constitution instead of my e-mails.

Since President Obama signed into law the token reforms to the Department of Veterans Affairs this summer, the issue of veterans’ health care has all but disappeared from the news. This is immensely disappointing. As many of North Carolina’s 770,000 veterans will tell you, we’re still here – and our health care is just as bad as before.

To give some perspective, I’m going to ask readers for their guesses about human behavior before explaining my embarrassment about some of my fellow economists.

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