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The National Safety Council commends the North Carolina Medical Board, which announced in June new clinical policy for the treatment of pain. This important action will improve the practice of medicine in North Carolina and will save the lives of many North Carolinians.

Democrats are feeling blue about Georgia, and they like it: Namely, in difficult midterm elections, the party is positioned to take over a Republican-held Senate seat and the governorship.

The eighth-grade boy I mentor had been suspended for calling his substitute teacher a bitch, loudly enough that a teacher’s aide heard. Until this incident, he had been making real progress with his behavior problems in school. He had worked for almost a year to rebuild his trouble-making reputation, and now, with one stupid act last October, he had undone it all.

Standing 1,776-feet-tall at One World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, the Freedom Tower is America’s tallest building – and a tribute to Americans’ resilience and resourcefulness.

Question. Do toll roads count as more “funk”?

There couldn’t be a more perfectly Charlotte headline than the one on the front page of the Observer Business section this past Sunday declaring, “Wanted: Increased ‘Funk’ Uptown.” The story breaks the shocking news: Charlotte is not funky. Our funk factor has gone missing. We are de-funked. Whatever funk is, a consulting committee genius says we are without it. Another called Charlotte pretty “suit-y.”

Vladimir Putin has become a global menace.

Glory, Rejoice and Comfort. Three schoolgirls with unforgettable names. Three schoolgirls whose contribution to propelling girls’ rights onto the world agenda may yet rival what Rosa Parks achieved for U.S. civil rights a half-century ago.

Immigration is a complex problem. So is the long-term question of how the United States should handle the influx of tens of thousands of children from Central America. Beyond the legal mandates, we owe them basic human decency. On the other hand, to say that they should all simply stay here for good begs big questions about encouraging more children to make this journey, and the rights of all the people abroad who are waiting their turn in line.

Being Vladimir Putin means never having to say you’re sorry.

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