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Perhaps, if “The Graduate” were made today...

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. At the beginning of this month, Site Selection magazine ranked North Carolina third on its list of the top 10 business climates in the country.

The Uber app is a thing of beauty.

Officer Darren Wilson will not face criminal charges for shooting and killing Michael Brown, according to the decision by a grand jury. It’s a controversial ruling, one that seems almost certain to fracture that community and the country.

Toll roads, extra fees for garbage pickup, mayor in jail; I’m outta here!

It’s just about time for that annual American tradition.

We give thanks for the new parking deck...

The president said he’d transform this country. He’s a man of his word.

I recall vividly in the early 1980s spending 15 minutes walking 200 yards with my older faculty mentor from our offices to Davidson’s post office. Along the way, he greeted or was greeted by Davidson students, staff, other faculty and townspeople. For each there was a hearty “good morning” or a “you are looking so well,” or to an advisee, “how is your calculus class going?”

If he’s not careful, Gov. Pat McCrory may be on course to have a “Pence problem” in 2015.

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