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The war in Afghanistan is one of the longest in U.S. history, but Elizabeth Woods knew little about it. Then she fell in love with a soldier. Now she is part of a growing sisterhood of women whose husbands have died in the war on terror. This is Elizabeth’s story, of love and war, heartbreak and healing.

PICS: A soldier's journey | Brian's memorial

DAY ONE: Their beginning

DAY TWO: Falling for a man bound for war

DAY THREE: Brian leaves for final tour of duty

DAY FOUR: Ambushed by the Taliban

DAY FIVE: Elizabeth's war

DAY SIX: Depths of grief

DAY SEVEN: Forever changed but never alone

BLOG: Writer Elizabeth Leland on this series

MAP: Afghanistan overview
Her scrapbook
Video: Elizabeth Woods treasures her scrapbook that chronicles life with her husband Brian.
The last video
Video: Elizabeth discusses the last video she made of Brian before he left. More: Home movies
The call
Video: She knew all was well when she heard from Brian. Then one day, the phone didn't ring.
Brian's memorial
Video: Honored in St. Louis. Song "A Soldier's Last Ride" featured. Elizabeth moves forward

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