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Every good story needs a villain, and in the long saga of bringing baseball to uptown, Jerry Reese played the part.

For a city sometimes regarded as too big for its britches, BB&T Ballpark – which opens Friday night to a weekend of sellout crowds – is a small thing on a grand scale.

“Under my leadership as chair of Community Safety, the overall crime rate in Charlotte has decreased. … Continuing to be tough on crime will remain my aim.”

It’s no fun being Lingo’s spokesman this time of year, because Lingo always goes nuts in March.

We have before us a great opportunity. Within our reach is the national title of “Most Gullible Bumpkins.”

“We have a gentleman back here who wants to go to Cuba. He says he’s prepared to blow up the airplane.”

In case you’re not up with the latest, we are in the gorilla grip of an epic calamity of lost-mitten proportions, a savage siege of ice and snow that will alter our lives forever, if not inconvenience us for hours.

Our airport parking rates are too low. To fix this, we’re going to gouge you like we gouge the captive masses in the concourse.

It is time for us to have The Talk.

They consider themselves 5 years old in Flight 1549 years and they know life can be short

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Mark Washburn
Mark Washburn writes television and radio commentary for The Charlotte Observer.