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Mark Washburn: If things didn’t change, we’d never have Post-it Notes, that first-down line on TV or pizza with corn-chip toppings, to name just three yellow innovations.

With the help of clever readers, we once again present a list of phrases that, strangely, you never hear uttered around here.

What we have here is a “teachable moment.”

When the subject of your picture is 246 years old, it’s worth making a bit of a fuss.

I must rise in defense of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

An expert group from New York City has inspected our little-old airport and graded it.

I’ve been watching TV commercials, obviously, to help me decide who would be the best choice for U.S. senator this November in the race between Thom Tillis and Kay Hagan.

How did that teddy bear get aboard a military transport headed to Iraq? A little girl made it so.

With the help of clever readers, we return this week to the theme of things you simply never hear said in Charlotte.

Amazed, astonished, astounded and awed. And that’s just the A’s.

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Mark Washburn
Mark Washburn writes television and radio commentary for The Charlotte Observer.