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Your unofficial guide to the Nextdoor private social network

Like any social media site, threads on Nextdoor go downhill quickly. Nextdoor is a social media network that started in 2010 in California as a way to connect neighbors. Their mission is “to use the power of technology to build stronger and safer neighborhoods.”

As for the downhill part: This is a space where wasp spray, dog poop removal and hacker ex-husbands become fuel for fiery arguments, funny commentary and sometimes hurt feelings.

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Vanja Jusufhodzic is the Nextdoor lead for Seversville. Leads are volunteers who can answer questions and have the authority to take down inappropriate posts.

Jusufhodzic says, “It just connects people in this new age where there is less front porch sitting and more screen time.”

Whether you are familiar with this site or thinking about trying it out, consider this your unofficial guide to what to expect from Nextdoor:


Almost daily, posts about missing, stolen, lost, loose, hot or cold pets are sent out.

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Refaey says, “Hands down, the best part is the free giveaways. When someone is cleaning out their house and has an old table or extra tickets to the baseball game that they can’t make, Nextdoor is a great way to get the word out fast.”

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Crime alerts

Nextdoor crime alerts have become a controversial issue for neighborhoods in Charlotte and around the United States. Posts with racial profiling have led to arguments between neighbors with comments quickly becoming mean and rude. Often a lead steps in to take down the thread. Nextdoor has addressed the racial profiling in a recent blog post.

One NoDa user, James Andrews, sees the value in sharing crime information in NoDa: “It is a useful tool that has helped residents look out for one another.”

Urgent alerts

All in the mind of the poster.

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Good Samaritans

People connect and good things do happen on Nextdoor.

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News and events

Ben Parrish in University says, “I generally am a fan of the postings around upcoming initiatives such as Google Fiber coming to Charlotte. “

Medical advice

Not sure if Nextdoor is the best place to seek medical help. But if you do, perhaps list it as urgent.

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Obsessive posting

Liz Clark in NoDa shares, “Definitely, some people never learn boundaries. People have a mindset that they think people want to hear and see and know everything about you or what you’re dealing with. Not so. Call your mom.”


Sometimes a little perspective is needed with social media. Refaey says, “We are a vibrant, ever changing neighborhood and I think Nextdoor isn’t the heartbeat, but may be the blood pressure.”

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