Around Town

Five Charlotte cut-throughs that make life better

It’s taken a decade of driving around Charlotte during various phases of my life to figure out my preferred “quickest” route for getting from point A to point B. That means finding cut-throughs, which I’ve picked up on thanks to years of navigating to friends’ houses, to yoga, to jobs, to dinner. In case you haven’t discovered these cut-through gems yet, I thought I’d share.

(1) Chilton Place

This is my portal from Sharon Road to East Boulevard. If you’re driving toward the Myers Park neighborhood, then swing a left on Chilton Place, then a left on Queens Road East (it will turn into Queens Road West in a second). East Boulevard will be coming up on your left.

Useful for: Making it to dinner with your friends at Bakersfield on time after a strenuous trip to SouthPark Mall or Whole Foods.

(2) Barclay Downs Drive

This is my access point to SouthPark from Park Road Shopping Center. From Park Road, turn onto Woodlawn, which turns into Runnymede Lane. Then turn right on Barclay Downs. Now you won’t be late for happy hour at the new Reid’s Fine Foods.

(3) Elm Lane

My trick for getting from Ballantyne Commons to Trader Joe’s. From Ballantyne Commons Parkway, turn onto Elm Lane. Enjoy the winding road a bit, then take a right on Bevington Place and behold: your almond butter/kale sprouts/La Finca wine mecca.

(4) Granville Road

This is my favorite way to get from from East Boulevard to Providence Road, specifically when I have somewhere like Deejai Thai to be. From East Boulevard, stay straight onto Queens Road West, then veer onto Granville. That drops you right onto Providence.

(5) North Graham Street

This isn’t your traditional neighborhood cut-through. But nothing makes me squirm in the driver’s seat more than coming from a morning coffee meeting in NoDa or an event at NC Music Factory, Discovery Place or the McColl Center, and trying to get from one end of the uptown border to the other. In the most efficient way you can on those one-way streets, get over to North Graham Street and loop toward Bank of America Stadium.

It works.