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Red Ventures designer, Tommy Hines, is also Marshawn Lynch’s Beast Mode designer

I love that Red Ventures would write a quick piece on how their designer, Tommy Hines, moonlights with Marshawn Lynch to build his Beast Mode brand.

Most corporations yell at people that work on side passion projects, but RV respects talent and isn’t most organizations – cool to see. That’s how you recruit and retain top talent.

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Let’s take a look into how Tommy Hines works with Marshawn Lynch to build the Beast Mode brand (Q&A/Photos provided by Red Ventures).

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(1) What exactly do you do at Beast Mode?

I handle all of the design – social media ads, marketing materials, clothing graphics, website design. I also manage inventory and shipping with our distributor and customer support.

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(2) How do you manage this on top of working at Red Ventures?

My day-to-day is always hectic; there’s nothing set. I leave work at Red Ventures and immediately head home to work on new Beast Mode product designs, graphics, etc. and get items prepped and ready for the next few days.

Early morning, in bed #beastmode design work. New lines coming soon! #marshawnlynch

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(3) How did you get into this?

One of my good friends from college is Marshawn’s marketing agent. After last year’s Super Bowl win, he called and said Marshawn wanted to start the brand and needed a designer. I know absolutely nothing about fashion but figured I’d take a stab at it. I did some basic tee & hoodie mockups, logo designs and website design, and he liked it. Flew me to San Francisco and we hit it off. We’ve been working together ever since. In the beginning it was just the 3 of us (Marshawn, myself, and my buddy Devin), but recently we partnered up with a powerhouse consultancy group in the fashion & media industry.

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(4) What’s the coolest thing about working with Beast Mode?

My favorite thing about doing this is seeing the monumental growth – starting with a few hoodies and progressing into the massive demand we’ve seen this week. Our motive for the brand and the growth is to be able to give back to youth in his hometown of Oakland, so a lot of what we design for and our concepts are geared to helping and inspiring people – not just athletes.

Catching up with my girl @alicialquarles with @ENews at my @beastmodestore pop up at @spiritualgangster in Scottsdale located @Kaleidoscopejuice on 1st avenue

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(5) What’s been your favorite thing to work on so far?

My favorite thing I’ve worked on is all the last minute Super Bowl outfits for Marshawn I had to finish before our (Red Ventures) company trip. Especially the flashy gold and silver foil outfits – they make a statement.

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(6) What’s something about Marshawn not many people know?

He’s the same person on the field as off. He loves kids. He eats skittles. And he’s hard to get ahold of – luckily I’m not one of the people who calls with bad news. Just pretty drawings for him to look at.

Reviewing @BeastMode product samples with @devin_lacerte. Big things coming! #beastmode

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C5’s Take:

How freaking cool is this? Love that we have this level of design talent coming out of Charlotte. Congrats to Tommy. What’s Tommy like as a person? Here are a few quick Tommy facts:

  • Tommy went to Winthrop University and had a 3.2 GPA. Grew up in Louisville, KY.
  • Tommy enjoys golf, but his tattoos can weird people out in the clubhouse.
  • Tommy interned at some of Charlotte’s hot ad agencies: Tattoo Projects, Addison Whitney & Little Red Bird.
  • Tommy tweets and posts cool photos on Instagram.

Photos: courtesy of Red Ventures,, Linkedin & David T. Foster, III / Charlotte Observer