Charlotteans share the best advice from their dads

Must love dads. Especially when they give great advice. We got a few people around town to reflect on lessons they’ve learned from their fathers, and who they are thinking of today.

Scott Queen, Digital Media Manager at The Mint Museum

Age: 1982 vintage

Happy Father’s Day to: Harold Queen and Mike Medders. “I am lucky enough to have two fathers.”

Best advice from his dads: “Be honest with people. Be good to people. That’s what they deserve.”


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Ezekiel Cheney, supervisor at BLT Steak and aspiring singer.


Age: 32

Happy Father’s Day to: His late father, Lee Baldwin, and his godfather, Ivan Mendez, Sr.

Best advice from his dad: “My father taught me to love unconditionally and that understanding is one of the best things in the world. Ivan Sr. carries those same morals and I’m so appreciative of my best friend, Ivan Mendez, Jr., for allowing me to share and spend time with his dad.

“Being around Ivan Sr. Is such a gift and a humbling experience. He teaches us to never give up, to never doubt and that the impossible is possible. We love you, Ivan Sr.”

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Heather Sackett, Communications Manager at 24 Hours of Booty
Age: 25
Happy Father’s Day to: Glenn Sackett
Best advice from her dad: “My dad lived more by example than by sitting me down, giving me advice, but the best advice I ever received from him was as cliche as it sounds: The Golden Rule. To respect others, cast no judgment and show care for each person you encounter — and it will be returned to you.”

Katie DeVillers, pediatric nurse.

IMG_0904 (1)

Age: 27

Happy Father’s Day to: Dean DeVillers


Best advice from her dad: “Over the years my dad has given me lots of great advice, but the best life advice has come from his acts of generosity and kindness to others.”

Photos: Charlotte Observer file; Courtesy of Scott, Ezekiel, Heather and Katie.